Hearing Aid Brands

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Oticon prides itself with implementing life-changing technology that empowers everyone with hearing loss. All of their products are created to give users access to the full sound scene, which facilitates the brain's natural processes. Their technological solutions are built upon the "BrainHearing TM" philosophy, and they are continually introducing new hearing aid classes with styles to help you enjoy a life rich in sound.


Phonak has been developing and producing hearing devices for over 70 years and is a global provider that is represented in over 100 different countries. Their mission is to help people prosper, both socially and emotionally, with their cutting-edge technologies borne from a passion for creating superior hearing solutions. Phonak's philosophy of "Well-Hearing" encompasses a greater state of physical, cognitive, and social/emotional health. They firmly believe that Well-Hearing helps you be well and live well.


ReSound was the first brand to offer 2.4GHz technology in hearing aids and also produced the first "Made for Apple" devices that provided direct stereo sound streaming. ReSound is another global industry leader, represented in more than 80 countries worldwide. Their hearing solutions and technologies are aimed at helping people rediscover sound to lead active and fulfilling lives. ReSound's philosophy of "Organic Hearing" is the cornerstone of all their developments and focuses on working with individual anatomies to recreate the manner in which sound is gathered and transmitted to the brain in the most natural way possible.


As one of the leading hearing solution providers worldwide, Signia's goal is to enhance human performance through technological, industry-shaping innovation. Their philosophy culminates in the refusal to accept hearing loss as a limitation and that the focus is all about gaining an edge - not about correcting a loss. Signia thrives on empowering people to become ever better versions of themselves.


Widex is a hearing aid brand of WS Audiology located in Denmark. They are also a leader in the global hearing solutions industry. Widex's philosophy and purpose is the unlocking of human potential by making wonderful sound accessible to all. They value pioneering for better solutions and strive to excel beyond the bounds of human ability and achievement together as a united people.

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