Assistive Listening Devices

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Assistive listening devices (ALDs) are tools designed to help people with hearing impairments participate and communicate in day-to-day activities. From personal amplifiers, to telecoils, to FM systems, there is a wide variety of ALDs available today. ALDs are particularly helpful for those who struggle with hearing in noisy environments like restaurants and theaters.

Personal amplifiers boost the volume of sound that is picked up by a user's microphone and transmitted directly through their hearing aid or cochlear implant. Telecoils allow users to receive sound signals transmitted via telephones, radio systems, and induction loops. Finally, FM systems use radio waves to transmit sound signals from a microphone worn by a teacher or speaker to a receiver worn by the listener.

By providing clearer hearing experiences, assistive listening devices help level the playing field for people with hearing impairments and make it easier for them to fully participate in everyday conversations or activities. In short, assistive listening devices provide an invaluable resource for individuals struggling with their hearing.

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