Hearing Aid Fittings

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hearing aid fittings in Marion, IN.
After your hearing evaluation is complete, if it is determined that hearing aids are the best course of treatment for you, there are a number of additional steps to go through during the hearing aid fitting process.

hearing aid fittings in Warren, IN.

Selecting Your Hearing Aid

Your audiologist will provide you with the range of device options available to you. You will be able to visually and physically inspect most of the models. Additionally, our professional staff will assist you in determining which hearing aids are best suited to your budget and lifestyle needs. After examining all of the different styles and technologies available, you will get a better picture of your preferences. As hearing aids are an essential investment in the future quality of your health and well-being, we will make sure you select one that is both comfortable and excels at meeting your daily use requirements.

hearing aid fittings in Marion, IN.

Ear Impressions

Depending on what type of hearing aid you selected, you may be required to have impressions or molds of your ear taken. Certain types of devices, such as behind-the-ear hearing aids or custom-fitted models, all need individualized ear molds to function optimally.

hearing aid fittings in Warren, IN.

Fine-tuning and Education

Most of the time, you will not receive your hearing aids after the fitting appointment as they must be custom ordered. After they arrive from the manufacturer, our staff will program and adjust all of the settings to suit your specific hearing needs. You will then be able to test them out at your subsequent appointment. Although most issues with device settings and physical fit can be swiftly corrected on the spot, it usually takes several follow-up appointments to find the perfect adjustments for you and your hearing aids. We will provide you with everything you need to know regarding the care and maintenance of your new device, but do not hesitate to contact us with any further questions or concerns.

hearing aid fittings in Marion, IN.

Acclimating to Your New Device

Using new hearing aids is often a very unique and emotional experience. It's not surprising as you learn how much you can now hear and understand how much sound you previously missed. It is recommended that you use your hearing aids as much as possible in the beginning. Wear them every day while working or enjoying all the activities you love. They will likely feel or sound awkward in different situations, however, over time and with any required adjustments, you probably won't even be conscious of wearing them.

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